Real Name Unknown
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Relatives Unknown
Affiliation N/A
Alignment Evil
Identity Secret Identity
Citizenship Unknown
Marital Status Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Unknown
Age Unknown
Height 6'3"
Weight 165 lbs
Creator(s) Maroyasha
First Appeared The Flash Issue 1: Speed Demon!


It is unknown if Zoom is even human. Some say he is pure energy, others say alien. Many say that inside the suit is a human, but the suit has been molded onto his body. 


When Zoom first appeared in Central City is unknown. One of the few things known about him is that he was the one who granted speed powers to Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash.


  • Negative Speed Force Conduit

The Negative Speed Force is the polar opposite of The Flash's Speed Force. Much like Flash, Zoom creates the Negative Speed Force with every step he takes. It works much like an energy field that encompasses the universe. A Negative Speed Force user may enter the Negative Speed Force or NSF, if going at a high enough speed. It is measured much like the normal Speed Force (Lowest to Highest speed). Sound Barrier, Light Barrier, Time Barrier, Dimensional Barrier and the final Negative Speed Force Barrier. A maximum speed a NSF user can reach is unknown, if there even is one.

  • Accelerated Healing: NSF users, much like SF users, can heal much faster than normal. Simple cuts or bruises are healed in mere seconds.
  • Increased Perceptions: Allows NSF users to sense everything around them, even when at super speeds.
  • Phasing: NSF users can vibrate their molecules to the point of being able to move through solid objects.
  • Steal Speed: NSF users can remove the speed from objects to add it to their own or to stop the object in question. They can also steal other Speedsters' speed.
  • Superhuman Brain Activity: Allows NSF users to process information much faster than normal.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Allows a Speedster's body to withstand the extreme speeds they are moving at.
  • Superhuman Speed: A Negative Speed Force conduits' ultimate ability is their ability to run and react at extreme speeds. In theory, a NSF conduit/user can run as fast, or even faster, than the speed of light.

Strength LevelEdit

Zoom's strength level is that of someone his age, weight and height. But due to the speed at which he throws punches, they come across as superhuman strength.