Real Name William Fisk
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Relatives Silvio Manfredi (Father)

Unnamed mother

Affiliation Hell's Kitchen Criminal Underworld
Alignment Evil
Identity Kingpin
Citizenship American
Marital Status Married
Occupation Crime Boss
Gender Male
Hair None
Age 44
Height 6'6
Weight 400 lbs
Creator(s) Imperial Wyrm
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William Alexander Fisk is the most powerful crime boss of New York City's Criminal Underworld, particularly in Hell's Kitchen. He is most often called "The Kingpin".

History Edit

Early life/Rising in the Criminal Underworld Edit

William Alexander Fisk was born Antonio Manfredi in a rough Brooklyn neighorhood, into an Italian American family. He killed his abusive father, Silvio, who beat him and his mother regularly, when he was only twelve. Silvio had borrowed some money from loan sharks, so, in order to protect the family, Antonio and his mother lied that Silvio had abandoned them, taking the money with him. At the age of eighteen, Antonio had his identity changed to William Fisk, since his fathers loan sharks had long suspected he was hiding something. William was big and strong for his age, so he became the bodyguard for a crime boss. When he was in his mid twenties, he killed the crime boss and gained control of half of the criminal underworld. He then continued his conquest.