Gotham City, Stagg Enterprises building

Slade Wilson sits atop the building scouting the building adjacent to it. 

"Where's my bounty?" he says to himself. 

Belle Reve Correctional Institute

Amanda Waller paces back and forth.

"Tighten security. I've heard we may be getting a 'special' visitor around this time and we must be on guard with this one. she commands.

She points to a random guard.

"You, fortify the walls and keep and eye out on any entrances."

The guard shakes his head in terror and carries out his orders. The guards are now primed and ready waiting near the various entrance points available.

Slade gets a call on his Phone from an unknown number, he hesitantly answers.

"Deathstroke." he says.

Amanda fakes her voice exceptionally well. "Meet me outside the Magician's Wand. Don't worry about security, as long as you don't go inside when the boss isn't around, they'll do you no harm. I'll be waiting."

Amanda smirks.

He hangs up the phone. He prepares his gear for the worst and puts his mask on. 

"More bounty, more money." Deathstroke says as he dives off the building. 

He eventually makes his way to the building adjacent to the Magician's Wand. He takes out his binoculars, 

"Who's this customer of mine?" he says to himself. 

At the bar, Amanda is covered by two tall bodyguards, each well armed and of intimidating build, and flocked by people she hired. The guards spot Slade and silently signal his arrival. 


"Who the he- ..Well I'll be damned." Deathstroke says. He jumps down from the building. 

"And he's coming." Guards are around the area.