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This is Earth Four, an alternate universe of the DC and Marvel Comics Worlds that is being created by the users of this wiki. A community where you can release your ideas of alternate concepts of the original DC and Marvel Worldx, that anyone can join and edit!

Same People

New Origins

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Batman - Techno Bacon

Superman - St.Lucifer

Wolverine - Freezing-Soul

The Cataclysm - Legendary Super Saiya-Jin 4

Black Panther - Legendary Super Saiya-Jin 4

Lex Luthor-Legendary Super Saiya-Jin 4


Joker-St. Lucifer

Martian Madness - Legendary Super Saiya-Jin 4

Doom - Freezing-Soul

Spider-Man - Techno Bacon

Doomsday - Abbadon the Chaos King

Thor- Abbadon the Chaos King

The Hellbat - Abbadon the Chaos King

The Flash - Maroyasha

Moon Knight - Maroyasha

Zoom - Maroyasha

Taskmaster - Maroyasha

Quicksilver - Techno Bacon

Firestorm - Acronite7

The Punisher - Acronite7

Darkseid - Acronite7

Mister Miracle - Acronite7

Daredevil - St. Lucifer

Namor - St. Lucifer

Green Lantern - St. Lucifer

Deathstroke - Techno Bacon

Baron Zemo - Abbadon the Chaos King

Green Lantern - Techno Bacon

Howard the Duck - Draft227

Kingpin - Imperial Wyrm

Anatoly Kilgrave - Imperial Wyrm

Deadpool - Apex Knight

Terry McGinnis - Apex Knight

Doctor Strange - Vegeta2314
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