Real Name Anatoly Kilgrave
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Relatives Unnamed parents
Affiliation Russian Mafia in Hells Kitchen
Alignment Evil
Identity Kilgrave
Citizenship American, Russian
Marital Status Single
Occupation Russian Mafia Leader
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age Unknown
Height 6'0
Weight 175 lbs
Creator(s) Imperial Wyrm
First Appeared N/A
Anatoly Zebediah Kilgrave is the head of the Russian Mafia that operates in Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan, New York City. He has the ability to mind control others simply by speaking, which is how he conned his way to the top of the criminal underworld. He also uses this ability to steal, kill (to make a victims death look like a suicide), and rape.

Bio Edit

Early Life Edit

Anatoly Kilgrave was born in Soviet Union era Moscow between the 60s and 70s, to a World War II veteran father and a mother who worked for a textile factory. After completing his education at sixteen and being a prodigy in school, Anatoly was recruited by the KGB, whom his father had also worked for. He went on many missions around the world, even going to Malaysia to stop an Afghan mujahideen operative.

Gaining Powers/Going to America Edit

When Anatoly found out that he had a brain tumor, he would do anything to stay alive. He decided to become a guinea pig for an experiment by a Soviet neuroscientist and some KGB operatives. The experiment was testing of a drug that could cure brain tumors without causing any damage on the other parts of the brain. However, it was a very painful process, and Anatoly was given injections in his neck and stomach. His tumor became non existent, but he discovered that he could mind control people. He bent many KGB members to his will, but a few agents were able to shoot him with a tranquilizer dart (all they had at the time since Anatoly had ordered them to get rid of any bullet firing weapons). After being knocked out, Anatoly was gagged, bound, and left for dead in the Siberian Wilderness. However, he was found by some KGB Comrades who saved him. He then escaped to the United States, as this was around the same time the Soviet Union was collapsing. In the US, he became involved in the Russian Mafia, which he used his mind control powers to con people, to get to the top of the criminal underworld. However, competing crime bosses William Fisk and Lee Owlsley were in his way, as well as the crime fighters of Hells Kitchen. He sought to destroy them.